How to Massage Boobs? How to Massage Your Breasts?

How to Massage Your Breasts? 

When it comes to massage from spa to home, we only keep in mind our hands, feet, back, waist, but apart from these, there is one part of the body which needs massage. There would be hardly any of us who do breast massage or are aware of it. Some women who are aware of breast massage think that breast is a sensitive part and some are worried that breast massage may affect lactation.

Although there are many other methods including surgery and medicines to increase the size of breasts, but these are so expensive that they cannot be thought of. If your breasts are small, then in this article we are going to tell you how to do breast massage to increase the size of breasts. To increase the size of the breast, massage in this way. Learn how to massage breasts to increase breast size. Breast is generally considered a part of the beauty of women. If the breasts are big then the body looks full and attractive.

What is a Breast Massage?

Do you know that breast massage not only increases blood circulation in your breasts, keeps its tissues healthy, but also benefits the overall health in one way or the other. You can do breast massage in many ways. Let us know how you can do breast massage by yourself.

First of all, rub both your palms together. If you want, you can also apply some oil on the palms. Now place the palms on the breast and massage it. Do this in circular motion. Massage with light hands only. Applying too much pressure can cause pain in the breasts. Do this 20 to 30 times in the upward and downward direction. 

How to Massage Boobs? How to Massage Your Breasts?

How to Massage Boobs?

Most women do not feel comfortable getting breast massage done by an unknown person, even if she is a woman. In such a situation, massaging yourself at home is a better option. Although you can do breast massage with any oil, but breast massage with almond oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil or castor oil can prove to be more beneficial.

Take a bath before massage and then start massaging the breast in circular motion with light hands. If you do not want to take a bath, then warm the breast lightly by keeping a hot towel. Do this motion of massage at least 30 times in upward and downward direction.

Know What is the Right Way of Breast Massage?

Let us know the right way to do it:

Move your breast in circular motion with light hands.

Apply gentle pressure to your breast with your palms. Move the palms from side to the center.

Move your fingers in circular motions around your breast, including the areola and nipple.

Lightly knead your hands to massage the breast tissue. But be careful not to apply too much pressure.

Gently squeeze your breasts to get any fluid or lumps out of your breast tissue.

Repeat the same steps to massage the other breast.

Know Who Should Avoid Breast Massage?

If something is good for one person, it doesn’t mean it will work wonders for you too. The same is true for breast massage, which is why some women should avoid it. If you notice pain, discomfort, or unusual changes in your breasts during or after a massage, contact your doctor immediately.


How to Do Breast Massage to Increase Breast Size?

If you massage your breasts in the right way, then the size of your breasts can increase in a short time.

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